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LENTIN PLUS 1000 is a functional food manufactured using a water-soluble rice bran dietary fiber component (hemicellulose B). Collaborative research with Prof. Mamdooh Ghoneum Ph.D. at the University of California, Los Angeles, USA (UCLA/Drew University of Medicine and Science) on rice bran dietary fiber components has led to the discovery and establishment of processing and manufacturing methods of a food that optimally modulates the innate immune function of the body.
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It was subsequently demonstrated that LENTIN PLUS 1000 has not only an immunostimulatory effect but also an immunomodulating effect. Extensive efforts to maximize its stability and taste have resulted in LENTIN PLUS 1000 rice bran Arabinoxylan. It is now distributed to more than 50 countries worldwide, mostly through health practitioners.
MANUFACTURING PROCESS The main ingredient used in manufacturing LENTIN PLUS 1000 is a water-soluble dietary fiber (hemicellulose B), which makes up about 5% of rice bran. Rice bran hemicellulose B is a dietary fiber consisting of arabinose and xylose, and is characterized by its complex structure and relatively small molecular weight. Rice bran hemicellulose B in its natural form is not digested well and does not show any immunostimulating or other actions.
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However, it was found that when this substance was partially hydrolyzed with a carbohydrate hydrolysis enzyme complex obtained from shiitake mushroom mycelia culture, it changed into a substance with an immunostimulating effect. Unlike other materials containing Arabinoxylan, LENTIN PLUS 1000 is a unique functional food material produced using an innovative manufacturing process developed by Daiwa Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.