How it works

Oral supplementation with LENTIN PLUS 1000 has shown to increase the body’s production of a naturally occurring substance called interferon, which improves the body’s ability to fight against infection and disease. This interferon in turn enhances the effectiveness of Natural Killer (NK) cells that are the first line defense against mutant cells such as tumour cells. In fact, LENTIN PLUS 1000 has scientifically proven to increase NK cells activities by as much as 300% in just a few weeks, while T and B cells activities increased by 200% and 250% respectively. T cells play a vital role in the effectiveness of the body’s immune defenses while B cells responsible in producing antibodies. LENTIN PLUS 1000 has also clinically proven to help strengthen weak immune system by stimulating production of cytokines, messenger molecules that control the activities of the immune system, and improves the quality of life.
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MECHANISM OF ACTION -Starch, dietary fiber, and LENTIN PLUS 1000 are classified as polysaccharides. Starch is digested by saliva, pancreatic juice, and intestinal juice, and is absorbed in the small intestine as glucose. Dietary fiber is not digested, and is excreted unchanged. LENTIN PLUS 1000 consists of predigested fiber that has a low enough molecular weight (30,000 to 50,000 units) to be partly absorbed directly in the digestive tract, entering the blood stream. It activates the Natural Killer cells, T cells, B cells, and macrophages, either directly in the blood, or indirectly via the Peyer’s patch of the ileum, LENTIN PLUS 1000 plays an important role in immunomodulation (immunostimulation, anti-inflammation, anti-allergy, antioxidation process). Overall, it is considered to enhance the body’s natural healing abilities, alleviate the adverse drug reactions of chemotherapeutic agents, and improve quality of life.